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Goats, Chickens and more

LaManchas and Nigerian Dwarf goats currently reside at the farm. We are expecting kids for the spring. Contact us for additional information or to reserve yours today.

Meet Missy:
Meet MissyShe’s one of our beautiful LaMancaha doelings here at the farm. Missy is a full ball of curiosity, energy and spunk. One minute she’s eating hay while you are scratching her head and the next second she’s on top of our hutch playing goat games. She’s a lot of fun.
Meet Charlotte:
Charlotte is a doeling who joined the family in 2014. Charlotte & Missy are play mates who spend the day playing & jumping on and with the toys in their play area. She hasn’t joined the milking crew yet but hopefully will soon
Meet Norma Jean


 Meet Norma Jean:

She’s one of our lovable LaMancha goats here at the farm. She came to our home in 2014 and has made a wonderful addition to our to the family. She prefers delectable green leafs over grass. Absolutely loves alfalfa hay

Meet Peanut: Meet Peanut
She’s another of our lovable LaMancha goats. She is the epitome of affection. Always ready for a nuzzle and a good head scratchin. Peanut also prefers delicious green leafs to grass but has been known to knock out a hay bale.


Meet Dr. Wattles:Meet Dr. Wattles

Wattles is our most affectionate goat of the crew. Which is a big accomplishment in our crew. She always nudges you looking to have a one on one scratch session whenever I’m in their area. Milk crew 2015.