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About our Company

The Goat Milk Soap Store is the soap making branch of Thirsty Creek Ranch.  One farm, many different parts to keep the whole thing flowing smoothly.

We started making soap as a product of having too much goats milk.  We use goats milk in many different ways:  butter, cheesees, white sauces, ice cream (we use it whole and don't even separate it! ).  Not too mention drinking it by the gallon or using it for general purpose cooking.  Even still, we had more milk than we could eat, drink or store.  So we began making a high quality, skin loving homemade soap.

Having a large family, there's 10 of us, and living on a farm means there is never a shortage of dirty hands, dirty clothes or dirty whatever.  It seems we find new ways and new places to get completely and throughly dirty!  Our soap was first made for and used by our family.  We quickly fell in love with how it feels, how much better it works than store bought soap and that we weren't limited to just the smells that were carried on the store shelves.  We were additionally able to craft some specialty blends for specific situations.  Freedom was found!

Everything we make, starts with our family.  Made, used and critiqued by us.  If it passes those tests, it is made available to our wonderful customers.