Meet June


June enjoys long walks through the pasture, moonlight dinners at the hay feeder and cuddling under trees in the afternoon shade.  June spends most of her day raising kids, being a goat jungle gym for her offspring and pulling her kids off the barn walls.  In her free time, she enjoys chewing cud, eating, snacks and nibbling wild berries. 

As a natural charcoal brunette with white highlights, she certainly has her pick of the boys.  Her modesty makes her very selective when looking for a life partner in crime.  Her perfect buck would love brome hay, strolls in pastures for lunch, snacks, dinner and after dinner snacks but, not be afraid to hold hooves in front of pen mates.  At 4' 2", height isn't an issue for her.  Virility is a bonus.  Ability to fend off the boys in the neighborhood, is a must.  Interested suitors should bleat @JunetheGoat.  Serious inquiries only.

June is a rare blend of sweetness, sass, naughty and niceness that will leave you both in love with her and a little scared for your life.  :D

June is a Lamancha.  Lamanchas are a dairy goat that that rates high in both milk and cream production; akin to Jersey cattle.  On average, they are not the highest milk producers but, their cream levels are higher than that of the higher producing dairy goat breeds.  Sticking to her breed mentality, June is very calm and laid back in nature.

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Fun June the Goat Fact:  June has had triplets every year she's given birth on our farm!

June the Goat
June the Goat
June the Goat