Energy Shower Steamer

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The Benefits of Goats Milk
Made with pure, therapeutic essential oils of Orange, Grapefruit, Bergamot, and Cedar. Get yourself ready for the day, with a burst of energy.
Energy Shower Steamer
Shower steamers may be used in several different ways. Method 1: Unwrap and place steamer on shower floor. Method 2: Unwrap. Place steamer in a breathable bag--mesh, organza or tulle. Hang bag from back of shower head. To activiate, swing in and out of water stream as desired.
Peanut the Goat
Bonus Tip: With our Sinus Relief Steamer, if you're not feeling up to climbing into the shower, you may break a piece off, place into a bowl of hot water and drape towel over head. Be sure to use a small piece and to ventilate appropriately.
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