Goat Milk Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are everywhere you go. Bombs are like apple pie, anyone can make one but, will it be any good? So, How can you tell if a bath bomb will be good or not? Look at the ingredients. We use the best ingredients to make the best bath bomb that will not only entertain but, will also leave your skin feeling good. Made with 3 different moisturizers, our goat milk bath bombs are not your everyday bath bomb. We use ingredients that are actually good for your skin and not less expensive fillers. Goat milk to moisturizer and nourish, our butter blend to help your skin feel moisturized, not greasy and natural ingredients to help you feel soothed.

If you've never experienced a goat milk bath bomb, allow us to introduce you to goodness. We craft a fragrance for just about every mood. Stressed? Try our our Eucalyptus Mint bomb. Wanting to unwind? Give a Lavender Goat Milk Bath Bomb a try. Want something that smells good but not too strong or flowery or masculine? Check out a Oatmeal Milk and Honey Bath Bomb.