Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is made from the buds of the the Lavender plant.  The buds go through a steam distilling process, where steam is introduced to the Lavender, allowing them to absorb and carry away the essence of the buds.  The steam is directed into a chamber where it is cooled, allowed to condense and separate.  The separation allows the essential oil to be collected from it's carrier.  


Lavender has been used for many centuries, with uses ranging from relaxation to medicinal.  Lavender Essential oil is thought to encourage relaxation, to help cleanse cuts, scraps and soothe irritations.  Whatever your reasons, our lavender essential oil is all natural and smells fresh out of the field.

We use Lavender in our soap because it smells good, is very calming and may provide relief for minor aches and pains.

Our Lavender Essential Oil is used in our Lavender Goat Milk Soap, Lavender Rosemary Goat Milk Lotion and several others products.