Meet Mabel


Mabel the sweetheart.  Mabel is a daughter of Peanut and it shows.  She is amazingly gentle, kind hearted and an all around favorite.  She takes after her momma.  It always amazes me how personality traits embed themselves in our goat's lineage.

Mabel is a great mother and usually has twins.  Her kids have the same temperament as their momma and are always easy to work with and a blast to play with.  Mabel, on average, tends to have more girls than boys.  What's not to love!  Mabel the Gentle!

Mabel loves head scratches, gently rubbing against you and just being in our family's company.  She *loves* dried apples and snacks in general.




Fun Mabel The Goat Fact:  Mabel *really* loves dried apples.  I mean really loves dried apples.  She has the ability to pull dried apples out of a shirt or coat pocket with just her tongue.