Meet Peanut


Peanut. What can we say about Peanut. She's a rock star. An All-star. She's definitely a favorite. Peanut is one of the original goats on our farm. She so soft hearted. It feels like her capacity to give love is endless. She will always come up to you when you're around. Always ready for a head scratch. If you have treats, even better.

Peanut is a mom's mom. Nurturing, patient but doesn't take no static from her babies. It's neat to see how her maternal instincts and characteristics are passed down from generation to generation. You can always tell who is peanuts daughters. They all have the same big heart and kind spirit.




Fun Peanut The Goat Fact:  Peanut almost always has triplets.

Fun Peanut The Goat Fact #2:  We once took a picture of Peanut with a chicken standing on her back. She didn't mind one bit. About the chicken that is.