On The Farm

Sep 24th 2020

Soapward Bound

As I look at the calendar, it reads The End of July. What it actually means is, it's almost Christmas. As in, it's two days before Christmas and you have started Christmas shopping yet. Welcome to soap. If you're not ahead, your'e late. Ta…

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Jul 3rd 2019

Mabel's 2019 Babies

Mabel blessed the farm with two babies in 2019. 1 boy and 1 girl. Enjoy Mabel and Her Babies…

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Jul 1st 2019

2019 Babies In The Books

2019 Baby Season has come to end. Thanking God for another successful kidding season. This year we had no major issues other than a handful of does deciding to have their babies at.the.same.time. We were headed into work and got about half way…

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