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Roadblocks, Detours, and A New Path

Imagine you are driving along merrily when a storm comes out of nowhere. You’re safe but also concerned and a bit anxious. As you trudge along the storm ebbs and flows, but suddenly in a flash, the bridge before you gives way, and you have to come to an unexpected stop.

There’s no moving forward, and you can’t back up so you sit there idly, having no idea what to do. You pray it’s just a dream or that someone will come to your rescue and then realize that you and only you will have to find a detour to make it to the other side of this horrible situation.

Detours are usually paths that you have never been on. They can be full of turns, hills, curves, lonely back roads, and sometimes full of quicksand.

This is the best way to describe grief or at least mine.



January 11th, 2007, I married the man of my dreams. I never once thought that years later, the kids and I would be living with him on the other side of life….eternal life.

We started a large family, bought a large property, and started a large dairy goat farm.

I wouldn’t have changed a thing, but it hasn’t been a cakewalk.


The store and the farm are moving forward, although sometimes it feels at a snail's pace. We’ve lost two goats this winter, which was like a gut punch. Joe and I used to joke that having eight kids was like playing zone defense, but now I’ve had to learn how to do that on my own, so yes, many things get put on the back burner or forgotten altogether.

I’m still a hot mess, but now no one is keeping watch to ensure the dumpster fire is contained.

The kids watch over me, but can a child really tell their mother what to do?? I chuckle at this because the adult children try, and I manically laugh at them. I do take into consideration what they have said, but my warrior exterior would never let them know.


With all of that said, we are slowly getting restocked and back on our feet. I’m no longer a puddle goo curled up in the fetal position every day.

My goal is to turn this little dream of ours into something even greater while keeping the values and morals that we set from the very beginning.

Serving our customers with the very best ingredients, having relationships, and remaining a small business.


Happy 16th Anniversary, Joe; I hope we are making you proud.


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