Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


How Do You Ship?

We ship everyday Tuesdays - Saturdays. We are closed on Sunday and Mondays and do not ship on those days. Typically, we ship via United States Postal Service (USPS). We strive to get orders out the next business day--with the exception of orders placed on the weekend. Orders placed over the weekend will usually ship on Tuesday when we open back up. On occasion, we may need two business days to ship your order.

I didn't receive my package?

Should you not receive your package, first check the tracking to see if the package has been delivered. If the status shows as delivered, the next step would be to check with any other occupants in your household to see if they may have gotten the package. If no one has the package, you will then want to check with your local post office and/or carrier to help locate the package. We have the same tracking information as our customers do--only what is shown on the tracking history. If your local post office and mail carrier are unable to locate your package, please contact us so we may open a missing package / theft claim with the post office so we may replace your package.
General Soap Questions

Is goat soap good for the skin?

Goat milk has many benefits both when internally consumed and applied topically in skin care products. High in Vitamin A, goat milk may help repair damaged skin cells. Goat's milk generally contains more fat than cows milk and these fats are natural emollients both moisturizing and softening the skin when applied to the skin in products. Goats milk also contains additional vitamins and minerals such as Selenium that provides good nourishing benefits for the skin.

What are the benefits of goat soap?

The benefits of goat milk soap are moisturization, nourishment and repair. Goat milk soap is excellent at cleaning without leaving skin dry or irritated. The natural fats in goat milk soap are natural moisturizers. The naturally occurring Vitamin A can help to repair damaged skin while the other vitamin and minerals provide excellent skin nourishment.

What is goat's milk soap good for?

Goat milk soap can be used for the washing of any part of the body: hands, face, body, etc.

Does your soap lather?

Yes, our soap lathers extremely well.  Our family uses the soap we make daily and we tested our recipe until we were completely satisfied with it's overall performance:  bubbles, lather, feel, moisturizing and how it cleans.  How hard your water is will play a role in how well any soap you use will lather.

How long does a bar of soap last?

Generally speaking each 6 oz bar of soap we make will last between 2-4 weeks.  We cure soap at least 6 weeks before it is made available for purchase.  This allows the soap to harden so it will have a long usage time.  Exactly how long they will last depends on how it is used (hand soap at the sink vs soap used for bath or shower) and exactly how much soap you like to use with each washing.  People tend to have varying preferences on how much soap they like when washing.  To get the longest life out of each bar of soap, we recommend placing the bar in an elevated spot that allows it to drain (e.g. a slotted soap dish) and in a location water will not come into contact with it when it is not in use.  Soap that is allowed to sit in a puddle of water or has a shower head spraying on it when it's not being used, will dissolve prematurely and will not last as long.  We like to use soap dishes with slats and we place the dish off to the side where we are confident water will not drip or spray on it.
Soap Care

Are there any special care instructions for soap?

You can treat our soap just like any other bar of soap.  Allow water to drain away from the bar when not being used and make sure water is not running, dripping or spraying on it when stored.

How do you store goats milk soap?

Properly made goat milk soap can be kept indefinitely without going bad. Soap, much like wine, gets better with age. Simply store out of direct sunlight, in a place that is neither too hot, too cold nor too humid. Doing so, will allow your soap to be kept for years.

What is Rosemary Oleoresin Extract?

The short answer, it's an antioxidant. The long answer? Rosemary, Oregano, and Sage naturally contain Carnosic Acid, which is an antioxidant and has anti-microbial properties. There has always been a lot of thought, trial and error put into our formulas, to bring you the very best products at affordable prices. We want the best for our family, so if we wouldn't use, we won't add it as an ingredient..

Is this lye soap?

Yes, we use the "old fashioned" tried and true method of soap making.  By technical definition, soap, is an alkali of a fatty acid--which is the end result of mixing lye and fats.  Interestingly enough, a majority of the "soap" in the soap isle is actually a detergent by the FDA's definition.  Sorry, soap nerd moment.  For further reading on the FDA's definition between a soap and a detergent, you may visit here:  Soap vs Detergent.  

What is Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium Hydroxide, molecular formula NaOH, is an alkali used in the soap making process. When mixed with a liquid, it becomes known as Lye.  When combined with fats, Lye and the fats react with one another to form soap molecules. Chemistry at work!

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of personal care products, all sales are final, non-returnable and not available for refund.
Damaged Items: Items damaged during shipping may be replaced or refunded. In order to process a damage claim, we will need pictures of the damaged item(s) and pictures of any damage to the shipping box(es). All items, including the packaging, will need to be retained until the claim with the carrier has been processed. Without pictures, we are unable to file a claim with the carrier.
About Us

Do you have goats?

We do! We have a Lamancha herd. Lamanchas are a variety of dairy goats, most noticeable for their outwardly lack of ears. Instead of having long floppy or short point ears, Lamanchas have ears similar in appearance to human ears--the shape of a small cinnamon roll. Don't be fooled though, they hear extremely well.

Do you make all of your products?

Yes, all of our products are hand made by our family. Goat milk comes from the goats on our farm. We know, what goes into each product from start to finish.

Where is The Goat Milk Soap Store Located?

Our store is located at 204 S. Main St, Ottawa, KS. Ottawa is about 50 minutes south of Kansas City on I-35.
  • From Kansas City, MO
    • Travel South on I-35 towards Emporia/Wichita
    • Take Exit 187 and Turn Right onto KS-68 W/E Logan St/U.S. 50.  Continue KS-68 W/E Logan St/U.S. 50 for approximately 2 miles.
    • Turn Left (South) on Main St. (You'll see the grain elevator for the Coop at the intersection of K-68 and Main St).
    • We are are on the right side approximately 0.5 miles down
  • From Wichita, KS
    • Travel North on I-35 towards Kansas City
    • Take Exit 187 and Turn Left onto KS-68 W/E Logan St/U.S. 50.  Continue KS-68 W/E Logan St/U.S. 50 for approximately 2 miles.
    • Turn Left (South) on Main St. (You'll see the grain elevator for the Coop at the intersection of K-68 and Main St).
    • We are are on the right side approximately 0.5 miles down
  • From Salina, KS
    • Travel East on I-70
    • Turn South on US-75
    • Turn East on US-56
    • Turn South on US-59
    • Continue South on US-59, becomes Main St.
    • We are are on the right side
Is goat milk soap antibacterial?