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The Goat Milk Soap Store hand crafts every bar of soap.  We use quality ingredients to produce soap that not only lathers extremely well, they will leave your skin clean, soft and moisturized. Only the best to make the best.  We only use ingredients we would use on ourselves. We make a variety of natural soaps ranging from unscented, essential oil soaps, soap for sensitive skin, facial soaps or soaps that'll just knock your socks off



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The Family

We are a family farm located in the Kansas country side.  As a family of 10, we started making goat milk soap due to a variety of skin issues and sensitivies members of our family have.  What started as a way to allow our family to have soap that worked for us and our challenges, turned into The Goat Milk Soap Store.  As users of our products, we are the original testers and users, refining each product until we are satisfied with the quaility and performance



Baby Goat

The Goats

Lamanchas are a breed of dairy goat that was bred in the US.  They are the easiest goat to identify, due to their apparent lack of ears.  Lamancha goats do in fact have ears and can hear very well.  Their cinnamon roll shaped ears are approximately one inch to one and a half inches in diameter.  They are well known for their milk production, milk fat content and their mild demeanor.  Goats with ears look funny to us.

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