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Charcoal and Clay Goat Milk Facial Soap Bar

Charcoal and Clay Goat Milk Facial Soap Bar

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Discover the purifying benefits of our Charcoal Clay Facial Bar, a gentle and unscented blend of cleansing and conditioning oils, enriched with skin-loving goat's milk. This facial bar is designed to effectively remove impurities while moisturizing your skin.

The activated charcoal, renowned for its cleansing abilities, acts as a magnet to trap dirt, excess oil, and toxins, which are washed away when rinsed. With the added goodness of our organic butter blend and goat's milk, this facial bar provides a powerful cleansing experience that is tough on dirt yet gentle on your skin.

Experience the balance of natural impurity removers and moisturizing properties in our Charcoal Clay Facial Bar. Give your skin the care it deserves with this nourishing and purifying facial cleanser.


Coconut Oil, Lard, Water, Rice Bran Oil, Goat Milk, Castor Oil, Fragrance, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Kaolin Clay, Colorant, Rosemary Extract, Scent

How to use

Rub onto wash cloth or directly on skin to create lather, and rinse.

*Keep bars out of standing water to make them last longer

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Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Kirsten D

I know this soap is going to be fantastic if it’s anything like the regular bar soaps!

Sally O

I use this on my it!!

Christon J

I have tried so many facial cleansers! All of which left my face dry, and made me break out! This soap leaves my face feeling clean and soft! I haven’t had a breakout since using this product!


Love this! It makes my face so clean and soft, and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin!

Kimberly M

Really cleans face