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Dragons Blood Goat Milk Soap

Dragons Blood Goat Milk Soap

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You will receive one bar of Dragon's Blood scented soap, a captivating blend of orange peels, mulled berries, and rich spices. This handcrafted masterpiece is made with farm-fresh goat milk, moisturizing butters, and activated charcoal, providing a luxurious and nourishing cleansing experience.
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Fragrance Notes: A captivating blend of citrusy orange peels, aromatic mulled berries, and warm, inviting spices.

The origin and myth of Dragon's Blood fragrance date back to the island of Socotra, Yemen, located off the horn of Africa. The name is derived from the dark-colored resin secreted from the dragon's blood tree and berries. According to folklore, the tree got its name from a young man's quest to find a cure for the sultan's daughter. Upon arriving on the island, the young man encountered a pomegranate tree and unknowingly disturbed a dragon, resulting in the loss of one of the dragon's wings. The wounded dragon advised the young man that the desired healing properties could only be found in a specific fruit, warning against picking any other fruit as they would lose their potency and turn bitter. In its injured state, the dragon flew off, dispersing its blood across the island. The young man returned to the sultan and successfully healed the sultan's daughter using the fruit advised by the dragon. The legend of Dragon's Blood fragrance pays tribute to this mythical tale and the captivating aroma associated with it. Indulge in the enchanting scent of our Dragon's Blood soap, where the citrusy orange peels, aromatic mulled berries, and warm spices create a captivating sensory experience. Let the moisturizing ingredients and activated charcoal leave your skin feeling clean, soft, and nourished.


Coconut Oil, Lard, Water, Rice Bran Oil, Goat Milk, Castor Oil, Fragrance, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Kaolin Clay, Colorant, Rosemary Extract, Scent

How to use

Rub onto wash cloth or directly on skin to create lather, and rinse.

*Keep bars out of standing water to make them last longer

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Customer Reviews

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Very Nice Order

All of the soaps I ordered smelled great and arrived in a timely manner.

Brittney McCormick

Dragons Blood Goat Milk Soap

Greg W

I love this scent and it leaves your skin feeling clean.

Donald D

A solid choice for teenage boys

Pamela S

I love the smell I have not used it yet but I love big the bar is and the colors can't wait until I use it