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Sinus Relief Shower Steamer

Sinus Relief Shower Steamer

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Sinus Shower SteamerA cool minty blend of camphor, eucalyptus and mint oils are released into the hot steam of your shower to turn your shower into an aromatherapy experience. Made with oils to promote an environment in which nasals may be cleared. Steamers may be placed on the floor of the shower or hung from the shower head in a breathable bag. The length each steamer will last depends on placement, length of shower and how much it is used during the shower. For best results and additional control on how long the steamer lasts, use steamer hung from shower head. Size: 2.2 oz More Info:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Elizabeth L


cindy d

My favorite product :)

Cheryl G

It is great. The smell is amazing, and it opens up your sinuses so well. This and a strong cup of coffee starts my day. Tell the goats I love the product.

Mabel J

Excellent!!! I got relief!

Silvia P

I purchased several steamers. I love the scent of the steamers in the shower and the unused ones. I’ll be back for more.