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Stress Relief Shower Steamer

Stress Relief Shower Steamer

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Stress Relief Shower Steamer Sweet Spearmint and soft Eucalyptus touches, intertwine for an amazingly clean and refreshing aroma sure to brighten every mood. Steamers may be placed on the floor of the shower or hung from the shower head in a breathable bag. The length each steamer will last depends on placement, length of shower and how much it is used during the shower. For best results and additional control on how long the steamer lasts, use steamer hung from shower head. Size: 2.2 oz More Info: Sinus Animal Cruelty Free Paraben Free Phthalate Free Petrolatum Free

Fragrance Notes: Penetrating camphor and eucalyptus fortified with clean, crisp mint. Usage: Start with a clean fresh shower/tub. Unwrap. Place onto shower floor off to the side--where it can get wet--or may be hung from the shower head in an breathable bag. Relax and Enjoy. Use caution when entering and exiting shower. Idea Center: Baths, Gift Bags, Stock Stuffers, Party Favors, Just Because You Like Watermelon
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Malissa Woodham
Lovely scents and great quality!

I’m really happy with my recent purchase. The soap, steamers and lip balm are wonderful. I love that the soap is so gentle on my sensitive skin, yet the scent was glorious! I can’t wait to order again!

Mariah C

It was great!

Kayla T

Smells great & makes for a relaxing shower.

Cheryl G

It was amazing. Working in the prison system I know stress, and this was awesome.

Susan R

Wonderful shower steamer! Smells great in shower! Long lasting!