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White Peach Sangria Bath Salt

White Peach Sangria Bath Salt

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Mommy Needs a Drink Bath Salt Soak is perfect for when you need some relaxation and pampering after a long day. This luxurious soak has been specially scented in White Peach Sangria to bring an extra layer of tranquility as you reset and renew your body. Not only will this calming scent help get you into the right mindset, it also contains Epsom salt which helps reduce stress and muscular aches while soothing skin irritations. Let the therapeutic properties of Magnesium Sulfate help ease away tension so that mommy can sip on her drink in peace! Size: 22 oz Granule Size: Small to light medium coarse. Revitalizing Animal Cruelty Free Paraben Free Phthalate Free Petrolatum Free Usage: Draw bath water. Place desired amount of bath salt into water when filling or after it is drawn. Allow salt to dissolve completely. Relax. Use caution when entering and exiting should salts have settled on the bottom of tub while dissolving.

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